Wednesday to Saturday evenings

Contactless payment on order and collection service only.

Call 01623 824 443 to place your order from 4.30 pm till 8.30pm.

First collection at 5pm, last collection at 9pm.

Each collection will be allocated a 10 minute slot so that each customer can be guaranteed social distancing in the collection area in our main car park. On arrival please remain in your car if driving or stand 2 meters back from the collection table if walking. Your food will then be brought out to you with your credit card receipt and placed on the collection table for you to pick up once your waiter has stepped back.



Fish, chips & mushy peas with homemade tartare sauce – £11 (d/f)

Homemade beef chilli & rice – £9

Sweet chilli chicken stir-fry & rice – £11 (d/f)

Sweet chilli vegetable stir fry & rice – £8 (d/f)(v & vegan)

Scampi, chips & mushy peas – £7.50

Cajun spiced and breaded chicken strips served with chips – £7.50

Forest Lodge beef burger in brioche bun with lettuce and tomato, served with homemade chilli jam & fries – £11

Cajun spiced and breaded chicken burger in brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and sweet chilli mayo & fries – £11



Garlic pizza – £5 (v)

Garlic cheese pizza – £5.50 (v)

Margherita pizza, tomato sauce and mozzarella – £9 (v)

Spicy meat feast, chicken, salami, chorizo, bacon, pepperoni, tomato sauce, mozzarella & jalapeños – £12

BBQ chicken, tomato sauce, red onions, peppers & mozzarella – £10

Mushroom pizza, tomato sauce, red onions & mozzarella – £11 (v)

Pepperoni pizza, tomato sauce & mozzarella – £10


Hand cut chunky chips – £2.50

Skinny fries – £2.50 (v)

All menu items subject to availability

Thank you for your continued support, from all at the Forest Lodge



g/f – gluten free.   d/f – dairy free.  V – vegetarian